On the 28th of May I'm co-organizing solarisecon.org/ , a short and free #solarpunk conference with discussion panels on technology, infrastructure, art and narratives! Feel free to join us, we'll have QnA sessions with experts!

We'll have lots of FLOSS people, Appropedia, Global Innovation Gathering and more!

#sciencefiction #scifi #future #futurism #sustainability

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Also if we (as a collective) want to be positively disruptive define Big Tech as:

- BigCloud (office collaboration, storage and directory management).
- BigPub (the publishers monopoly for content instead of OER)
- BigSAAS (the 2 or 3 suppliers of SIS/LMS per sector instead of a healthy market)
- BigSocial (the non-compliant use of AdTech masquerading as social networks)

Different targets require different tactics.

No, what we need is better energy efficiency and wireless charging on anything is the exact opposite of that. Also wireless charging opens the door to more proprietary controls by capitalists to prevent people from truly owning and controlling their possessions. Cabled connections are the future.

This has to do primarily with and which go up on the big playlists which are making out a larger and larger parts of the total streams on the platform, so in effect they're slashing royalties to create content farms that push out all other artists

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News about is dropping here in Sweden about how work-for-hire artists are producing music en-masse under pseudonyms to incredibly low rates

The scheme works in such a way that an artist releases music under fake names that then get picked up by spotify which gives a tremendous amount of streams, but the artist gets about 1/4th of the revenues per million streams in return

Who ever knew that subjecting creativity to market forces would cause a squeeze?

Started setting up a as an attempt to learn to take notes for the first time in my life and already I feel like I'm doing it wrong

As part of my research in #DigitalEthics I collect links to articles and stories related to this topic. All of these are bookmarked with Raindrop and shared publicly.

This means you can access all the links as well as an RSS feed of all my bookmarks.

There are now more than 2000 bookmarks and more added weekly. Youโ€™re welcome ๐Ÿ˜Š


Say @matrix I'm trying to make sense of how #element and #mastodon coexist in the fediverse. Mastodon uses #activitypub while Element uses #matrix. In essence, the two have different usecases but both follow the 'new' decentralized server paradigm. Are there situations / applications where they connect in some way?

Yep. Now ErdoฤŸan has withdrawn the "threat" to block Sweden and Finland's NATO applications on condition that "activities" of the democratic confederalist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) are stopped in those countries, according to one of ErdoฤŸan's aides reports TT.

There are about 100000 Kurds in Sweden and ~15000 in Finland, out of which nearly all fled ErdoฤŸan and predecessors' policies and likely overwhelmingly support the PKK which strives for peaceful coexistence and resists ongoing aggression both inside and outside areas currently claimed by Turkey, while explicitly entirely following the Geneva Conventions, and whose forces were the only ones to resist ISIL's Yazidi genocide when the State's army just left without firing a single shot.
Included in such a ban on political organizing and expression would also extremely likely be bans against supporting the YPJ and YPG of the "Rojava Revolution" and the similar PJAK forces in Iran-held areas, as is attempted to impose in Germany.

The price for destroying Sweden's and Finland's peace policies to become targets of war, is to sell out the right to free speech and political organizing for feminist, antifascist, egalitarian, multicultural/ethnic, secular, democratic parties.

Only Putin and ErdoฤŸan get their desires satisfied by this deal.

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I shouldn't be flippant about freedom of speech though, since my value system basically takes communication itself to be the only think of value in the universe

What I think I'm expressing here is the common frustration of the appropriation of specific terms (like those invented by SF writers) with an incomplete understanding of what those terms refer to

In this case, turning a cause and symptom of a fictional dystopia into a commercial enterprise

It's more noise than meaningful communication

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You should not get to write a thinkpiece on or without first having read Snowcrash and Cryptonomicon methinks

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Sales people in company slack are linking to Metaverse business case thinkpieces and I can't stop myself from commenting that the Metaverse was invented as part of a dystopian nightmare

Is this the hill on which I fight and lose my job? ๐Ÿ“ฃ

ppl really do forget that google is just an ad company

Finally started writing my essay on dilemmas and why a better world is possible!

I'm a slow starter to say the least ๐ŸŒป

Divergent psychological continuation as a concept in Parfit's Personal Identity is one of the first mentions by a professional philosophers that meaningfully capture an idea I've been toying with for nearly a year now

Glad to have finally found this piece of theorizing of identity but I don't think he takes it far enough

elon musk is just an elizabeth holmes who pulled the scam off

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Eccolo, finalmente. Sicuramente esistono giร  tonnellate di libri che scavano a fondo nella questione accademica, ma volevo darvi il breve punto di vista del vostro fisico teorico di fiducia. Per chi รจ la scienza?

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Here, at last. Surely there are already tons of books delving into the academic dilemma, but here's the short point of view from your neighborhood theoretical physicist. Science for whom?


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